A new season means NEW INVENTION EXCHANGES, and just like we did during the Kickstarter, we want to make sure these inventions end up in the hands of owners who will love, cherish, and occasionally attempt to use them.

That’s why Joel has selected SIX NEW INVENTIONS from Season 12 to offer as pledge rewards!

Here’s what you should know:

  • Your INVENTION will be shipped to you about a month after the new season premieres on Netflix, to avoid ruining the surprise.

  • Your invention will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a “Thank You” video from Joel explaining a little bit more about your invention, and how to use and care for it.

  • While we can’t guarantee a specific invention, we’ll do our best to honor your request and preferences, in the order that you pledged for this reward. (So, if you pledge first, you’ll get first pick of available inventions.)

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your pledge does not include the cost of shipping, which will depend on the size of the invention you get, and where we’re shipping it to. We’ll coordinate with you, and charge for shipping when we’re ready to send your invention.

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