Does buying Add-Ons count toward my Kickstarter pledge?

No, buying Add-On Rewards does not change your pledge or reward level on Kickstarter! When you purchase an Add-On Reward here on, it's basically just like a store where you can get additional reward items "a la carte." So, whatever you spend to get Add-On Rewards will count toward our Final Goal of raising $5.5MM to make new episodes of MST3K, but it won't change your pledge level on Kickstarter, entitle you to additional rewards listed on Kickstarter, or make you an official Kickstarter Backer.

For example, if you choose "EXPERIMENT 100" ($100) on Kickstarter, and then get $150 of Add-On Rewards here on, your Kickstarter Pledge will still only be $100, so you'll get all of the rewards listed in that package plus whatever Add-On Rewards you selected here. Your Kickstarter pledge will not be upgraded to the $250 reward level.

If you want the rewards included in a higher pledge package, you'll need to increase your pledge on Kickstarter to the higher reward level or purchase the individual rewards you want as Add-Ons here on, if they're available.

Does buying Add-Ons help make more new episodes?

Yes!  Whatever you spend on Add-On Rewards does count toward our goal of raising $5.5MM to make 12 new episodes of MST3K. However, if you only buy Add-On Rewards, you won't be counted as an official Kickstarter Backer – so even if you just want Add-On Rewards, we suggest pledging at least $1 on Kickstarter so that you can help us prove that there are still lots of people who want more MST3K, and get the behind-the-scenes updates from Joel.

When will you send my Add-Ons?

If you purchased any of the three TURKEY DAY SPECIALS as Add-On Rewards, we'll ship them to you by December 11, when our Kickstarter campaign ends. If your Add-Ons included DIGITAL DOWNLOADS, you will receive a redemption code to claim them.

If you purchased any other Add-On Rewards, we'll send them out at the same time as all of the other Kickstarter rewards. Right now, we're expecting to send most rewards between June 2016 and February 2017, but like all crowdfunding rewards, this is always subject to change. We'll do our best to get your rewards out to you as soon as possible, but if production is delayed, that may affect when we're able to make and send the rewards. We'll keep you posted!

When will you charge me for my Add-Ons?

If you purchase Add-On Rewards, your credit card will be billed immediately. This is different than on Kickstarter, where your pledge is never billed until the Kickstarter campaign ends. (So, you'll be charged for your Kickstarter Pledge on December 11 or 12, 2015.)